Search for an NMR Signal from Spin Isomers of Water in H2O/D2O Mixtureстатья

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[1] Search for an nmr signal from spin isomers of water in h2o/d2o mixture / A. A. Volkov, N. V. Anisimov, V. N. Nikiforov et al. // Biophysics. — 2014. — Vol. 59, no. 1. — P. 49–51. With the aim to detect the existence of spinisomeric molecules in water by NMR tomography, comparative measurement of NMR signal integral amplitude was performed with pure water and 50/50 water/heavy water mixture. Magnetic field was 0.5 T in tomographic and spectroscopic regimes. No spinisomeric effect was registered, taking into account that the error of measurements did not exceed 5%. [ DOI ]

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