Gas-phase spectroscopy of protonated 3-OH kynurenine and argpyrimidine. Comparison of experimental results to theoretical modelingстатья

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[1] Gas-phase spectroscopy of protonated 3-oh kynurenine and argpyrimidine. comparison of experimental results to theoretical modeling / L. Kessel, I. B. Nielsen, A. V. Bochenkova et al. // The journal of physical chemistry. A, Molecules, spectroscopy, kinetics, environment & general theory. — 2007. — Vol. 111, no. 42. — P. 10537–10543. The aging process of the human lens is associated with accumulation of chromophores and fluorophores that impair visual function. In the present study, we examined the photodissociation of 3-OH-kynurenine and argpyrimidine. Furthermore, absorption spectra obtained in gas phase using an electrostatic ion storage ring were studied as gas phase absorption have been shown to be more similar to the in vivo condition than absorption spectra obtained in the liquid phase. Experimental results were compared to theoretical modeling using the multistate, multireference perturbation theory approach combined with advanced molecular modeling tools to account for the solvent effects and to provide direct support for band assignments. Absorption maxima were determined both experimentally and theoretically and significant differences between the two chromophores were found. In particular, 3-OH-kynurenine demonstrated a blue-shift of more than 130 nm in the aqueous phase compared to the gas-phase due to the existence of different 3-OH-kynurenine conformers, which are stable under different conditions and originate from the interplay between intra- and intermolecular interactions. Photodissociation of argpyrimidine and 3-OH-kynurenine was observed in vacuum thus confirming the results previously obtained in liquid phase demonstrating that the photodestruction takes place in both media. [ DOI ]

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