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[1] Rodionova V. N., Romannekov V. A. Relational database of geographical network long-term field experiment // ИНФОРМАЦИОННЫЕ ТЕХНОЛОГИИ, ИНФОРМАЦИОННЫЕ ИЗМЕРИТЕЛЬНЫЕ СИСТЕМЫ И ПРИБОРЫ В ИССЛЕДОВАНИИ СЕЛЬСКОХОЗЯЙСТВЕННЫХ ПРОЦЕССОВ Материалы Международной научно-практической конференции. — Сибирский физико-технический институт аграрных проблем Новосибирск, 2003. — P. 456–457. Creation of the relational database in the unified format for conserving data of long-term experiments in a commonly accessible format is the important task. First step in this direction was construction of the database on soil organic matter that holds detailed information from datasets of long-term experiments from Russia, FSU (Former Soviet Union) countries, Germany and England with duration for more than 20 years in the frame of the EuroSOMNET project (Franko et al.,2002). The use of this database by experimental stations belonged to Geographical Network of Field Trials that have presented their data in this project had the only restriction. The database was written in English. To solve this problem we translated all the tables into Russian. Based on the EuroSOMNET database several forms was developed in Access 97 for supporting greater control over how information is arranged. It gives better opportunities for updating, altering tables and verifying information, including climate data. The forms make possible to view and manage data, for example, pull in data from several tables. The created forms provide users with easy accessible facilities for data import into the database. Several reports were created for printing the information not only in an attractive, but also in effective format - it includes combined data from several tables.

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