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[1] Phosphorus-containing phthalonitrile resin for vimp and rtm processing / A. V. Babkin, A. V. Sulimov, B. A. Bulgakov, A. V. Kepman // SAMPE Conference Proceedings. — United States: United States, 2017. — P. 713–724. New phthalonitrile resin formulation based on the low-melting phosphorus-containing monomer bis(3-(3,4-dicyanophenoxy)phenyl) phenyl phosphate recently reported by our research group, common phthalonitrile 1,3-bis (3,4-dicyanophenoxy)benzene and aromatic diamine as curing agent was developed. The resin processing properties (melt viscosity 150 mPa∙s at 150oC) allowed to produce carbon fiber composites by vacuum infusion molding process and resin transfer molding at 150 oC. The curing cycle consisting of 3 hours at 180 oC and post-curing at 375 oC was required to achieve the best thermal properties. After post-curing the obtained composites demonstrated up to 90 % mechanical properties retention at 400 oC (τr.t.12 = 60–80 MPa). Flame retardant properties were investigated and the composites demonstrated extremely high LOI > 80 %. Thus easily processable phthalonitriles with quick curing and excellent heat resistant and flame retardant properties were developed.

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