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[1] Adapting and testing pavicom facility for treatment of opera experimental data / A. B. Aleksandrov, M. M. Chernyavsky, L. A. Goncharova et al. // 10th International Workshop on Neutrino Factories, Superbeams and Betabeams: Nufact08 : Valencia, Spain. — SISSA Trieste, 2008. — P. 143–145. The Completely Automatic Measuring Complex (PAVICOM) was constructed in 2000th year in the Lebedev Physical Institute and started for track-detector data processing in the field of nuclear, high energy and cosmic ray physics. Here an improvement of PAVICOM facility that enabled processing OPERA experiment data is presented. The scanning facility hardware was upgraded as well as new microscope controlling software was developed. Now it consists of LOMO microscope; Carl Zeiss scanning stage (Movement range: X = 120mm, Y = 100mm, accuracy 0.25um for X, Y and 3.46 x 10-3um for Z); MCU-26 stage controller; CMOS - camera Mikrotron MC1310; a server with 2 Xeon processors for data treatment, equipped with Matrox Odyssey Xpro board for image grabbing and first processing. Data treatment and reconstruction software was adapted to work with the standard OPERA data on PAVICOM and provides now ability for on-line emulsions detectors treatment: while one field of view is processed, the next one is scanning. Because the main resource-intensive operation is now carried out on the Matrox board, the processing time is limited only to the speed of the stage. This is what allows using PAVICOM for OPERA emulsion data processing. Also some test processing results of OPERA emulsions are presented. [ DOI ]

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