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[1] УГЛЕРОДНЫЕ НАНОСТРУКТУРЫ, ПОЛУЧЕННЫЕ НА fe-ni КАТАЛИЗАТОРЕ / А. А. Новакова, Т. Ю. Киселева, Ю. В. Ильина и др. // Альтернативная энергетика и экология. — 2004. — № 3. — С. 37–43. The study of a single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCN) containing carbon material obtained by electric arc synthesis with bimetallic mixtures of Fe and Ni of different concentrations is performed. The iron containing carbon nanomaterial analysis was conducted by Mössbauer spectroscopy, X-ray diffrac tion and electron microscopy. The detail Mössbauer spectra analysis of SWCN containing arc synthesis fractions had shown, that their structure is determined by composition of the used binary catalyst. The initial concentration of FeNi catalytic mixture in an electrode determines sizes of metal particles in cathode deposit collar soot, causing thereby mechanism and optimum conditions for synthesis of SWCN. Namely the initial concentration FeNi determines quantitative ratio between formed large inert carbon encapsulated metal particles and small-sized metal nanoparticles being catalytic centers of SWCN origin.

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