Study on the Logical Starting Point and Countermeasures of the Political Values Education for Modern Russian Youth (In Chinese)статья

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[1] LEI L., BRYZGALINA E. Study on the logical starting point and countermeasures of the political values education for modern russian youth (in chinese) // Elementary and Secondary Schooling Abroad. — 2016. — no. 12. — P. 18–23. he overall development level and political maturity of the youth political values is directly related to social stability, ethnic harmony and national security ideology. Youth political values education in different countries, because of the differences of national ideology, political system and social reality,show their differences and particularity. To study on the Russian youth political values education, it is necessary to analyse and discuss the current situation of political values of today's young Russians, and the logical starting point and countermeasure of political values education.

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