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1. Полный текст NatureComm8_17_2017.pdf 854,8 КБ 3 июня 2017 [fedyanin]

[1] Ultrafast all-optical tuning of direct-gap semiconductor metasurfaces / M. R. Shcherbakov, L. Sheng, V. V. Zubyuk et al. // Nature communications. — 2017. — Vol. 8. — P. 17. Optical metasurfaces are regular quasi-planar nanopatterns that can apply diverse spatial and spectral transformations to light waves. However, metasurfaces are no longer adjustable after fabrication, and a critical challenge is to realise a technique of tuning their optical properties that is both fast and efficient. We experimentally realise an ultrafast tunable metasurface consisting of subwavelength gallium arsenide nanoparticles supporting Mie-type resonances in the near infrared. Using transient reflectance spectroscopy, we demonstrate a picosecond- scale absolute reflectance modulation of up to 0.35 at the magnetic dipole resonance of the metasurfaces and a spectral shift of the resonance by 30nm, both achieved at unprecedentedly low pump fluences of less than 400 μJ cm–2. Our findings thereby enable a versatile tool for ultrafast and efficient control of light using light. [ DOI ]

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