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[1] Program of transient uv event research at tatiana-2 satellite / G. K. Garipov, B. A. Khrenov, P. A. Klimov et al. // Journal of Geophysical Research. — 2010. — Vol. 115. In a new Tatiana-2 mission the measurement of transient luminous events (TLE) in the Earth atmosphere in nadir direction are planned. Near UV temporal images of TLE in millisecond scale will be measured together with temporal profiles in 8 channels of wide spectrum of TLE emission. Simultaneously temporal variation of electron flux at the satellite orbit will be measured. Aims of these measurements are to continue research of bright UV flashes, started in the Tatiana-1 mission (Universitetsky-Tatiana satellite), their global distribution, their rate over oceans and continents, and their possible correlation with lunar phase. Special attention will be paid to search for correlation between UV flashes from the atmosphere and variations of electron flux in the atmosphere magnetosphere system. [ DOI ]

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