Continuum Discretization for Quantum Scattering and Nuclear Matter Calculationsстатья

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[1] Rubtsova O. A., Kukulin V. I., Pomerantsev V. N. Continuum discretization for quantum scattering and nuclear matter calculations // Few-Body Systems. — 2017. — Vol. 58. — P. 130. Recent developments of the wave-packet continuum discretization approach are presented. A treatment of the Hamiltonian’s pseudostates as approximations for stationary wave packets allows to evaluate the total resolvent and the transition operator by using a diagonalisation of the Hamiltonian matrix in some appropriate L2 basis. The approach is shown to be very useful for studying continuous spectrum problems in medium, in particular, for infinite nuclear matter. As a result, the reaction matrix for different relative momenta and different energies can be found by using a single diagonalisation procedure which simplifies drastically self-consistent calculations for the equation of state in infinite nuclear matter. [ DOI ]

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