Correlation features of the reaction Be-9(d,p-gamma)Be-10 at E-d=15.3 MeV and structure of the Be-10 nucleusстатья

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[1] Correlation features of the reaction be-9(d,p-gamma)be-10 at e-d=15.3 mev and structure of the be-10 nucleus / N. S. Zelenskaya, A. V. Ignatenko, V. M. Lebedev et al. // Physics of Atomic Nuclei. — 2001. — Vol. 64, no. 11. — P. 1909–1916. Double-differential cross sections for the reaction Be-9(d, p gamma)Be-10 at E-d = 15.3 MeV are measured for proton emission into the forward hemisphere. All even spin-tensor components of the density matrix for the 2(+) 3.37-MeV state of the residual nucleus are reconstructed in a model-independent way. The angular distributions of the populations of the magnetic substates and of the tensors of the angular-momentum orientation for the state in question are also obtained. The experimental results are compared with the results of the calculations performed by the coupled-channel method under the assumption of the neutron-stripping mechanism. The calculated correlation features are found to be highly sensitive to the wave functions for the participant nuclei, especially the Be-10 nucleus. The importance of taking into account multistep processes in the reaction being considered is demonstrated. (C) 2001 MAIK "Nauka/Interperiodica". [ DOI ]

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