Cz-Silicon TCO/(n+np+)Si/TCO Laminated Grid Cell with 14,5% Rear Efficiencyстатья

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[1] Cz-silicon tco/(n+np+)si/tco laminated grid cell with 14,5% rear efficiency / G. G. Untila, A. S. Osipov, T. N. Kost et al. // Proceedings 17th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference. — WIP Munich Munich, 2001. — P. 1793–1795. This paper reports a substantial improvement in rear efficiency achieved in bifacial Laminated Grid silicon solar cell. The increase of rear short-circuit current and, consequently, of rear efficiency is achieved by oxidation of standard (n+np+)Si structures and also by applying of In2O3:F film as antireflecting coating on the rear (n+Si)surface instead of ITO film. Record combination of front (16.3%) and rear (14.5%) efficiencies for this type of cell have been achieved (as measured by Sandia National Laboratories), remarkably higher than corresponding results obtained with the help of screen-printing process (13.4% and 11.5%, respectively).

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