Conducting Transparent Polymers as a New Material for Photovoltaic Applicationsстатья

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[1] Conducting transparent polymers as a new material for photovoltaic applications / A. B. Chebotareva, G. G. Untila, T. N. Kost et al. // Proceedings 21th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference. — WIP Munich Munich, 2006. — P. 291–293. The goal of the work was to study the availability of transparent conducting polymer PS05 to attach current collecting grid of wire to solar cell surface covered by antireflecting TCO layer (Laminated Grid Cell design). The PS05 film exhibited good adhesion and low contact resistivity in the system wire-PS05-ITO (<0.5mOhm*сm2) even with round shape of copper wire. Electric contacts successfully sustain the thermocycling. Absorption spectra of PS05 film showed the absorption maximum at ∼270 nm, and very low absorption in the visible range, that permits the use of PS05 films in solar cell construction. The application of PS05 film in the Laminated Grid Solar Cell with current collecting system made of round copper wire permits to improve the conversion parameters due to reduced effective width of the fingers. The obtained results demonstrate that PS05 polymer could be regarded as a new promising material for photovoltaic applications.

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