Conductive Polymers with Improved Transparency in Solar Cell Current Collecting Systemстатья

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[1] Conductive polymers with improved transparency in solar cell current collecting system / A. B. Chebotareva, G. G. Untila, T. N. Kost et al. // Proceedings 24th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference. — WIP Munich Munich, 2009. — P. 635–638. Transparent conducting polymer film, based on polydifenylenephthalide, is used to attach current collecting grid of wire to silicon solar cell surface covered by antireflection TCO layer in Laminated Grid Solar Cell (LGCell) construction. Two newly synthesized polymeric compositions (PS08, PS08F) produced the films with outstanding transparency, better than PS07 film in the short-wavelength region. This fact leads to the enhancement of the external quantum efficiency of LGCells with the new polymer films in the contact system and better stability of optical properties under UVA illumination in comparison with PS07 polymer composition. The control of polymer film transmittance was made on test structures Glass/ Polymer. The measured resistivities of contact systems TCO/(PS08, PS08F)/metal appear to be not higher than 1 mOhm⋅cm2. LGCells with transparent conducting polymers PS07 and PS08 in contact system were made using IFO/(n+pp+)Cz-Si/Al structures. [ DOI ]

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