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[1] Transparent conductive polymers for solar cell current collecting system / A. B. Chebotareva, G. G. Untila, T. N. Kost et al. // Proceedings 26th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference. — WIP Munich Munich, 2011. — P. 450–453. Transparent conducting polymer films are used to attach current collecting grid of wire to silicon solar cell surface covered by antireflection TCO layer in Laminated Grid Solar Cell (LGCell) construction during low temperature lamination step. The polymer layer provides good cross conductivity, but having dielectric properties in the longitudinal direction. In our previous works among the possible candidates to form stable LGCell current collecting system, conductive polymers based on polyarylenes (thermoreactive polymers and thermoplastics) were considered. In the present work the synthesis of new conducting transparent polymeric materials, based on vinyflex with curing temperature (160÷1800С) was performed. A new synthesized polymeric films (VF1, VF7, VF8) provided contact resistivities < 2 mΩ·cm2 in the system Metal /Polymer film/TCO, and polymer VF1 showed the lowest contact resistivity (0.2÷0.4 mΩ·cm2). The new thermoplastics showed the highest transmittance in the visible region among the all tested polymers. LGCells with transparent conducting polymer VF1 were made on IFO/(n+pp+)Cz-Si/Al structures. Applying the best among the tested conductive thermoplastics (composition VF1) in LGCell contact system leaded to the increase of the conversion parameters of LGCell based on Cz-Si in comparison with original LGCell metallization (lamination film/rolled soldered wires/TCO): the rise of Voc in 4 mV and the increase of Jsc in 0.4 mA/cm2 resulted in efficiency 18.7% instead of 18.5%. [ DOI ]

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