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[1] Yampolskii Y., Belov N. Investigation of polymers by inverse gas chromatography // Macromolecules. — 2015. — Vol. 48, no. 19. — P. 6751–6767. This Perspective conveys to the general reader ofMacromoleculesthe basic ideas and possibilities of inverse gas chromatography (IGC). This method which appeared about 50 years ago is now a versatile tool for investigation of the interactions of polymers with vapors and study of polymer properties. The focus of this Perspective is on the study of bulk sorption of low molecular weight compounds in polymers. The results of chromatographic determination of solubility coefficients and sorption isotherms as well as the diffusion coefficients of vapors in polymers are discussed. Special attention is paid to the thermodynamic properties of glassy polymers on the phenomena in the vicinity of the glass transition. Information on IGC as a probe method for the determination of free volume in polymers is also presented. [ DOI ]

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