Viscosity of glass forming Al86Ni8(La/Ce)(6), Al86Ni6CO2Gd4(Y/Tb)(2) meltsстатья

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[1] Viscosity of glass forming al86ni8(la/ce)(6), al86ni6co2gd4(y/tb)(2) melts / V. I. Lad'yanov, A. L. Bel'tyukov, S. G. Men'shikova et al. // Physics and Chemistry of Liquids. — 2008. — Vol. 46, no. 1. — P. 71–77. The temperature and time dependences of kinematic viscosity in Al86Ni8(La/Ce)(6), Al86Ni6CO2Gd4(Y/Tb)(2) melts over the range of liquidus up to 1300 degrees C have been investigated. An irreversible non-monotonic change of the melts viscosity above the temperature of melting brought about by the destruction of their microheterogeneous state inherited from the multi-phase solid sample has been found out. It is shown that for the melts transition into the quasi-equilibrium state long isothermal holding is necessary. The relaxation time decreases with the increase of the melt temperature. [ DOI ]

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