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[1] Structural transition in liquid cobalt / V. I. Lad'yanov, A. L. Bel'tyukov, K. G. Tronin, L. V. Kamaeva // JETP Letters. — 2000. — Vol. 72, no. 6. — P. 301–303. The temperature dependence of kinematic viscosity of liquid cobalt in the range 1490-1700 degreesC and the influence of the degree of cobalt overheating on its overcooling were studied by viscometry and differential thermal analysis. It was found that liquid cobalt undergoes a structural transition near 1595 degreesC, which manifests itself as a sharp change in the viscosity and the activation energy for viscous flow at this temperature and is accompanied by a considerable increase in crystallization ability. (C) 2000 MAIK "Nauka / Interperiodica". [ DOI ]

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