Electrochemical Dispersion of Aluminum Alloys in an Aqueous Sodium Hydroxide Solutionстатья

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[1] Electrochemical dispersion of aluminum alloys in an aqueous sodium hydroxide solution / F. Z. Badaev, A. K. Khairi, A. V. Reznichenko et al. // Chemical and Petroleum Engineering. — 2017. — Vol. 52, no. 11-12. — P. 834–837. Results of experiments on the kinetics of hydrogen generation by electrochemical dispersion of an aluminum alloy D16 in an aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide under alternating (AC) electric current are provided. It was found that the rate of hydrogen evolution under alternating electric current is significantly greater than the rate of hydrogen evolution in a reaction without the application of an electric current. The use of an alternating current produces Al(OH)3 powders with more highly disperse particles. [ DOI ]

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