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[1] Ryjov A. Personalization of social networks: Adaptive semantic layer approach // Social Networks: A Framework of Computational Intelligence. — Vol. 526 of Studies in Computational Intelligence. — Springer Cham Heidelberg New York Dordrecht London, 2014. — P. 21–39. This work describes the idea of an adaptive semantic layer for large-scale databases, allowing to effectively handle a large amount of information. This effect is reached by providing an opportunity to search information on the basis of generalized concepts, or in other words, linguistic descriptions. These concepts are formulated by the user in natural language, and modelled by fuzzy sets, defined on the universe of the significances of the characteristics of the data base objects. After adjustment of user’s concepts based on search results, we have “personalized semantics” for all terms which particular person uses for communications with data base or social networks (for example, “young person” will be different for teenager and for old person; “good restaurant” will be different for people with different income, age, etc.). [ DOI ]

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