Ordering of Pd2+ and Pd4+ in the Mixed-Valent Palladate KPd2O3статья

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[1] Ordering of pd2+ and pd4+ in the mixed-valent palladate kpd2o3 / R. V. Panin, N. R. Khasanova, C. Bougerol et al. // Inorganic Chemistry. — 2010. — Vol. 49, no. 4. — P. 1295–1297. A new potassium palladate KPd2O3 was synthesized by the reaction of KO2 and PdO at elevated oxygen pressure. Its crystal structure was solved from powder X-ray diffraction data in the space group R (3) over barm (a=6.0730(1) angstrom, c=18.7770(7) angstrom, and Z=6). KPd2O3 represents a new structure type, consisting of an alternating sequence of K+ and Pd2O3- layers with ordered Pd2+ and Pd4+ ions. The presence of palladium ions in di- and tetravalent low-spin states was confirmed by magnetic susceptibility measurements. [ DOI ]

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