Formation of High Inclined Orbits to the Ecliptic by Multiple Gravity Assist Maneuversстатья

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[1] Formation of high inclined orbits to the ecliptic by multiple gravity assist maneuvers / Y. F. Golubev, A. V. Grushevskii, V. V. Koryanov et al. // Journal of Computer and Systems Sciences International. — 2017. — Vol. 56, no. 2. — P. 275–299. Methods for designing trajectories of spacecraft (SC) for missions that need to increase the inclination of their orbits to the ecliptic using energy-efficient gravity assist maneuvers (GAMs) around planets, their moons, and small Solar system bodies are developed. The focus is on the development of algorithms (taking into account accurate ephemerides) for designing chains of multiple GAMs that significantly raise the orbit of a SC above the plane of the ecliptic. Complete analytical formulas for the change of inclination as a result of a GAM in the general case of elliptic orbits of the SC and the partner planet are obtained. [ DOI ]

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