New Interpretation of the ABC Effect in Two-Pion Production in NN Collisionsстатья

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[1] Platonova M. N. New interpretation of the abc effect in two-pion production in nn collisions // Few-Body Systems. — 2014. — Vol. 55. — P. 791–794. We investigate the basic 2π-fusion reaction pn → d+(ππ)0 in the energy region Tp = 1–1.4GeV within the framework of a model based on a D03-dibaryon production and its subsequent decay via two interfering routes: through an intermediate σ meson and through an isovector dibaryon D12. We demonstrate that the constructive interference of the above two mechanisms gives a strong near-threshold enhancement in the ππ invariant-mass spectrum, i.e., the so-called ABC effect. It is shown that the σ-meson emission from the D03 dibaryon plays a crucial role in reproducing the shape and position of the ABC enhancement and is tightly related to the idea of chiral symmetry restoration in dense and excited hadronic systems, such as the D03 state. [ DOI ]

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