Long-term study of the Phytophthora infestans population from the Moscow region of Russia (2000-2011)статья

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[1] Long-term study of the phytophthora infestans population from the moscow region of russia (2000-2011) / Н. В. Стацюк, С. Н. Еланский, М. А. Кузнецова et al. // Proceedings of the 48th Croatian and 8th Int. Symposium on Agriculture. — University of Josip Juraj Strossmayer Osijek, Croatia, 2013. — P. 328–332. The study presents results of a long-term monitoring of the P. infestans population in the Moscow region (2000-2011). A total of 1586 isolates were assessed using such phenotypic and genotypic markers as the mating type, metalaxyl resistance, two allozyme loci of peptidase, and a mitochondrial DNA haplotype. In addition, virulence patterns were determined. During all examined period, the total population diversity level remained high and both A1 and A2 mating types were observed. The population was presented mainly by complex races and included all 11 virulence genes. The diversity of „tomato“ subpopulation was lower than that of the „potato“ one concerning the most part of the used markers.

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