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[1] Dirac experiment / F. Gómez, B. Adeva, L. Afanasev et al. // Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements. — 2001. — Vol. 96, no. 1–3. — P. 259–266. The main objective of DIRAC experiment is the measurement of the lifetime τ of the exotic hadronic atom consisting of π+ and π− mesons. The lifetime of this atom is determined by the decay mode π+ π− → π0 π0 due to the strong interaction. Through the precise relationship between the lifetime and the S-wave pion-pion scattering length difference |a0 − a2| for isospin 0 and 2 (respectively), a measurement of τ with an accuracy of 10% will allow a determination of |a0 − a2| at a 5% precision level. Pion-pion scattering lengths have been calculated in the framework of chiral perturbation theory with an accuracy below 5%. In this way DIRAC experiment will provide a crucial test of the chiral symmetry breaking scheme in QCD effective theories at low energies. [ DOI ]

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