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[1] Evidence for pik-atoms with dirac / B. Adeva, L. Afanasyev, Y. Allkofer et al. // Physics Letters B. — 2009. — Vol. 674. — P. 11–16. We present evidence for the first observation of electromagnetically bound $pipm Kmp$-pairs ($pi K$-atoms) with the DIRAC experiment at the CERN-PS. The $pi K$-atoms are produced by the 24 GeV/c proton beam in a thin Pt-target and the $pipm$ and $Kmp$-mesons from the atom dissociation are analyzed in a two-arm magnetic spectrometer. The observed enhancement at low relative momentum corresponds to the production of 173 $pm$ 54 $pi K$-atoms. The mean life of $pi K$-atoms is related to the s-wave $pi K$-scattering lengths, the measurement of which is the goal of the experiment. From these first data we derive a lower limit for the mean life of 0.8 fs at 90% confidence level. [ DOI ]

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