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[1] Laser-induced degradation of hexafluoropropylene oxide / V. A. DUNYAKHIN, V. V. TIMOFEEV, E. A. TVERITINOVA et al. // High Energy Chemistry. — 1994. — Vol. 28, no. 6. — P. 479–483. Pyrolysis of hexafluoropropylene oxide under the action of a transversely excited atmospheric CO2 laser in the presence of SF6 as a sensitizer was studied. By comparing experimental and theoretical data on the degree of decomposition of hexafluoropropylene oxide, its degradation rate constant was determined as k(1) = 10(13.8+/-0.2) x exp[-(153+/-4)/RT] s(-1), where RT is in kJ/mol. The CF2 species was detected using the technique of UV absorption spectrometry. The UV absorption measurements gave the k(2) value of (5+/-1) x 10(7) 1 mol(-1) s(-1) for the combination rate constant. The mechanism of degradation reactions occurring upon pulsed laser pyrolysis is discussed.

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