Heat stable salts (HSS) removal by Electrodialysis: reclaiming of MEA used in post-combustion CO2-captureстатья

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[1] Heat stable salts (hss) removal by electrodialysis: reclaiming of mea used in post-combustion co2-capture / S. Bazhenov, V. Vasilevsky, A. Rieder et al. // Energy Procedia. — Vol. 63 of GHGT 12. — Elsevier B.V Netherlands, 2014. — P. 6349–6356. Heat-stable salts (HSS) are well-known degradation products in the acid gas removal technologies with alkanolamines, especially in the post-combustion CO2 Capture processes. The traditionally applied HSS removal methods such as purging, filtration, distillation might be economically unattractive in the large scale post-combustion plant case. Electrodialysis could be an alternative method for solvent reclaiming with removal of electrically charged amine degradation products. This work presents the results of electrodialysis reclaiming concept tested under real operation conditions during pilot campaign at Heilbronn post combustion CO2 Capture pilot plant. The HSS removal results and some process specific parameters are presented. [ DOI ]

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