Spatially Modulated Magnetic Structure of AgFeO2: Mοssbauer Study on 57Fe Nucleiстатья

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[1] Spatially modulated magnetic structure of agfeo2: Mοssbauer study on 57fe nuclei / V. S. Rusakov, I. A. Presnyakov, A. V. Sobolev et al. // JETP Letters. — 2013. — Vol. 98, no. 9. — P. 544–550. The results of the Mössbauer study of ferrite AgFeO2 manifesting multiferroic properties (at T ≤ TN2) have been presented. The hyperfine interaction parameters of 57Fe nuclei have been analyzed in a wide tempera ture range including the points of two magnetic phase transitions (TN2 ≈ 7–9 K and TN1 ≈ 15–16 K). It has been shown that the Mössbauer spectra of the 57Fe nuclei are sensitive to the variations of the character of the magnetic ordering of 57Fe ions in the studied ferrite. The results of the model identification of a series of spectra (4.7 K ≤ T ≤ TN2) under the assumption of the cycloid magnetic structure of ferrite AgFeO2 have been presented. The analysis of the results has been performed in comparison with the literature data for other oxide multiferroics. [ DOI ]

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