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[1] Molecular properties of silicon-substituted polymers for gas-separation membranes / N. P. Yevlampieva, I. I. Zaitseva, E. I. Ryumtsev, M. L. Gringol'ts // Polymer Science - Series C. — 2010. — Vol. 52, no. 7. — P. 83–92. As shown by hydrodynamic, electrooptical, and computersimulation studies, filmforming addi tion siliconsubstituted polynorbornene and siliconsubstituted poly1trimethylsilyl1propyne), which have close gaspermeability parameters, possess similar conformational properties of chains. The molecules of the these polymers are characterized by a heterogeneous microstructure due to energetically favorable spiralization of regular sequences of monomer units with the interrelated linear sizes of helical fragments and the equilibrium rigidity of chains. Despite different chemical structures, both polymers have the statistical Kuhn segment A = (44–47) × 10–10 m and a much smaller ((10–15) × 10–10 m) kinetic fragment freely orienting under application of an electric field. The hydrodynamic and electrooptical properties of siliconsub stituted polynorbornenes synthesized from the same monomer (5trimethylsilyl2norbornene) via addition and metathesis mechanisms are compared. It is found that there is a significant difference in the conforma tional characteristics of addition and metathesis analogs. This finding gives insight into the earlier observed difference in the properties of films based on these polymers. [ DOI ]

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