Peculiar Red Nova V838 Mon: Accretion and Interaction in a Wide Binary System after Explosion of Its Companionстатья

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[1] Peculiar red nova v838 mon: Accretion and interaction in a wide binary system after explosion of its companion / V. Goranskij, A. Zharova, E. Barsukova et al. // ArXiv Astrophysics e-prints. — 2008. — no. 0810.1887. — P. 1–7. We report the results of recent multicolor photometry and medium resolution spectroscopy of V838 Mon taken in 2007-2008. In the eclipse-like event in December 2006, the hot B3V type companion disappeared. The event accompanied by strengthening emission [FeII]/FeII lines in the spectra. We explain this event as the formation of temporal short-lived accretion disc around the hot companion. Later, in February 2007 the hot star reappeared in its full brightness, but disappeared again for a long time since September 2007. This is the engulf of B3V companion by expanding remnant of 2002 outburst. We assume that the thick accretion disc has formed around B type companion which is moving now inside the envelope of the cool star. There is some evidence of heating this disc and/or cool star envelope. We estimated the radius of expanding cool remnant in December, 2006 of about 150 A.U. or 30000 solar radii.

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