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[1] Grb 021004: optical observations / E. A. Barsukova, V. P. Goranskij, G. M. Beskin et al. // The Gamma-Ray Coordinates Network Circular. — 2002. — no. 1654. — P. 1–1. We have observed GRB 021004 on October 8, 2002 four days after the burst, using 1-m Zeiss telescope and CCD with Rc filter under good seeing conditions. Five 20-min exposures were taken in the time interval between 20:49:56 and 22:35:14 UT. Object is seen near the frame limit in each of these frames. The photometry and astrometry of images were performed. The sum of all frames (total exposure is 100 minutes) gives the magnitude of OT Rc = 20.9 +/- 0.3 relative to comparison star by Fox (GCN 1564) with Henden's (GCN 1630) calibration magnitude of 15.538 Rc. The astrometry of all the frames taken both on October, 4 (GCN 1606) and October, 8 shows that the image of the object is displaced by 0".5 West on October, 8 relative to that on October, 4. The accuracy of the astrometry is 0".2. One may suggest that the displacement results from influence of a host galaxy.

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