V1341 Cygni the Optical Counterpart of the X-Ray Source Cyg X-2статья

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[1] Goranskii V. P., Lyutyi V. M. V1341 cygni the optical counterpart of the x-ray source cyg x-2 // SOVIET ASTRONOMY. — 1988. — Vol. 32, no. 2. — P. 193–201. The radiation of the Population II main-sequence F-type subdwarf is predominating in the bands of the UBV system in the spectrum of V1341 Cygni. This is a star in the evolutionary stage of a blue straggler with a mass close to the solar one. The periodic component of its light with amplitude of 0.27 mag B in the quiet state is caused partly by ellipsoidal shape of its surface distorted by gravitational influence of the X-ray companion. There is a low-luminosity accretion disk in the system, the contribution of which to the total light in the B band varies in the range between 0 and 50%. Some active stages, i.e., outbursts of long duration, can be connected with disk instabilities typical for dwarf novae. Comparing spectral and photometric data, the authors obtain EB-V = 0.22±0.05 mag and determine the distance of 1600 pc with possible limits of 1300 and 2100 pc.

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