Photometric Investigations of SS 433 - Results of 1979-1986 Observationsстатья

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[1] Gladyshev S. V., Goranskii V. P., Cherepashchuk A. M. Photometric investigations of ss 433 - results of 1979-1986 observations // SOVIET ASTRONOMY. — 1987. — Vol. 31, no. 5. — P. 541–551. 300 photographic and photoelectric observations of SS433 obtained at the Sternberg Astronomical Institute in 1982 - 1986 are given. The photometric parameters and their principal phase relations with orbital and precession periods are re-examined using all published data, the precession and orbital periods having been defined more precisely. The accordance of modern theoretical claims and models with multicolour photometry and spectroscopy was under analysis. Some observational divergences from the classical model of a close binary system with a thick accretion disc were picked out. Eclipse modelling has shown that the contribution of the "normal" star to the total light of the system does not exceed 20%.

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