Спектральные и фотометрические наблюдения SS433 в главном минимуместатья

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[1] Спектральные и фотометрические наблюдения ss433 в главном минимуме / В. П. Горанский, И. М. Копылов, В. Ю. Рахимов и др. // Бюллетень Специальной астрофизической обсерватории. — 1987. — № 52. — С. 5–50. The results of spectral and photoelectrical observations of SS433, carried out from the end of May through the beginning of June, 1986 are presented. The observations were made near the eclipse orbital phase of the accretion disk by main system component (Min I), and in the precession phase of maximal turn of the disk to the observer. The spectral observations were carried out in λλ3500 - 6770, spectral resolution Δλ = 3 Å. The photoelectrical observations in U, B, V, R, I, and Hα. The results are presented in tables and diagrams which show the brightness variations of SS433 in different filters and the general character of spectrum variations in the observations.

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