V1343 Aquilae (SS433) as a Double-Period Variableстатья

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[1] Goranskii V. P. V1343 aquilae (ss433) as a double-period variable // SOVIET ASTRONOMY LETTERS. — 1983. — Vol. 9. — P. 9–12. A new computer technique for determining the period with which the form of a light curve varies is used to refine the variability periods of the binary system V1343 Aql. The method has been tested on RR Lyrae stars that display the Blazhko effect - a long-period amplitude and phase modulation of the light curve. The analytical data includes photoelectric and photographic observations in the V photometric band. A two-parameter search confirms that V1343 Aql is doubly periodic, with P1 = 13.074 days and P2 = 163.8 days. The periodic dips in the light curve, thought to be primary minima when the stellar component is occulting the accretion disk, vary in form with respect to the phase of P2.

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