Features of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Hot Magnetoactive Plasma Taking into Account Electron Spinстатья

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[1] Features of electromagnetic wave propagation in hot magnetoactive plasma taking into account electron spin / D. V. Vagin, N. E. Kim, P. A. Polyakov, A. E. Rusakov and // Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences. — 2006. — Vol. 70, no. 3. — P. 505–510. Electromagnetic perturbation propagation in magnetoactive plasma was studied taking into account the electron spin within the quasiclassical Bargmann-Michel-Telegdi approximation. Based on the Vlasov-Maxwell set of equations, expressions for permittivity tensor components were derived. It was shown that the consideration of the electron spin results in the formation of a new branch of electromagnetic waves in magnetized plasma.

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