Mossbauer investigations of the CaMn7O12 double manganite with the nuclei of Fe-57 probe atomsстатья

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[1] Mossbauer investigations of the camn7o12 double manganite with the nuclei of fe-57 probe atoms / V. S. Rusakov, I. A. Presniakov, T. V. Gubaidulina et al. // JETP Letters. — 2007. — Vol. 85, no. 9. — P. 444–448. The CaMn7O12 double perovskite-like manganite is studied using Mossbauer spectroscopy with Fe-57 impurity atoms. The hyperfine parameters of the Mossbauer spectra are found to reflect the specific local structure of this oxide. It is found that the phase transition at T approximate to 90 K is associated with the ordering of the magnetic moments of manganese cations in the octahedral sublattice. The structural phase transition R (3) over bar <-> Im (3) over bar is shown to occur in the temperature interval from 380 to 450 K, where the rhombohedral (R (3) over bar) and cubic (Im (3) over bar) phases of the manganite coexist. [ DOI ]

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