Experimental Testing of “Double Overturn” Method: Investigation of Visual Image Formationстатья

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[1] Gysev A. N., Arbekova O. A. Experimental testing of “double overturn” method: Investigation of visual image formation // Procedia - social and behavioral sciences. — 2013. — Vol. 86. — P. 463–468. Abstract The purpose of this research was to develop a technique of image genesis study. A new “double overturn” method makes it possible to study the interaction between the meaning and the sensory fabric in the process of image formation. 58 participants looked through the invertoscope on the overturned visual scene. The observers saw a normally oriented scene, but they could rethink the perceived image in case of obvious conflict between the sensory fabric and the meaning. Experimental manipulation with the personal meaning of one component of the presented scene led to the illusory transformation of the image. [ DOI ]

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