Effects of Stimulus Parameters and Types of Changes in Change Blindness Taskстатья

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[1] Gusev A., Mikhaylova O. Effects of stimulus parameters and types of changes in change blindness task // Procedia - social and behavioral sciences. — 2013. — Vol. 86. — P. 598–602. Abstract The research examines methodological aspects of the phenomenon of change blindness. It studies the role of stimuli parameters in relation to change search in visual problem solving. The following parameters of visual stimuli were modified within the experiment: number of objects, stimuli spatial location, shape of objects, inclusion of new objects, which attract attention as well as various types of changes related to a single object, particularly appearance/disappearance, shift, and change of color and shape. The results showed that search time depends on the number of objects, nature of their spatial position (structured or random) and type of change (the most difficult type of change was the change of color). Therefore, the use of proven visual patterns with varying degree of complexity allows for testing a wide range of hypotheses related to the role of psychological mechanisms of spatial attention. [ DOI ]

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