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[1] Strizhova E. A., Gusev A. N. Motivational task: Methodology and method of work motivation diagnostics // Procedia - social and behavioral sciences. — 2013. — Vol. 86. — P. 551–556. Abstract The article features a new assesment technique of work motivation diagnostics based on the concept of motivational task. A motivational task is a tool for self-appraisal of the field of motivational objects allowing further reconstruction of motivational space. The conditions of the motivational task resolution have been implemented in the assesment procedure named Motivational Map. The diagnostics procedure consists in multiple visual appraisal of 16 motivational objects (J.Nuttin) within a dimensional graphic space determined by 6 evaluation scales. Approbation of new assesment technique was conducted on a sample of 206 financial specialists. Collected results were compared with the scores received with the help of standard questionnaires. The results of psychometric verification of validity and reliability are presented in the article.

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