Inverse scattering NN-interaction JISP and ab initio theory of light nucleiстатья

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[1] Inverse scattering nn-interaction jisp and ab initio theory of light nuclei / A. M. Shirokov, V. A. Kulikov, P. Maris et al. // Вестник Тихоокеанского государственного университета. — 2013. — no. 29. — P. 17–28. We discuss the studies of light nuclei in ab initio No-core Full Configuration approach based on extrapolations to the infinite model space of large-scale No-core Shell Model calculations on supercomputers. The convergence at the end of p shell and beginning of the sd shell can be achieved if only reasonable soft enough NN interactions are used. In particular, good predictions are obtained with a realistic JISP16 NN interaction obtained in J-matrix inverse scattering approach and fitted to reproduce light nuclei observables without three-nucleon forces. We discuss the current status of this NN interaction and its recent development.

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