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[1] Mass loading of quiescent prominences / P. Schwartz, P. Heinzel, P. Kotrc et al. // The Fifth Hinode Science Meeting, ASP Conference Series. — Vol. 456. — Astronomical Society of the Pacific San Francisco, 2012. — P. 73–73. From April through June 2011 a multi-spectral observing campaign of quiescent prominences was made. Observations were carried out in EUV by SDO/AIA, in soft X-rays by XRT on Hinode and in Hα by horizontal spectrographs of the Ondrřejov observatory. In this work the masses of selected prominences, observed on May 18 and April 19, were determined in order to test the method and our semi-automatic computer code. Bibliographic Code: 2012ASPC..456...73S.

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