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[1] Spectra and variability of sample of polar sources / A. G. Gorshkov, V. K. Konnikova, M. G. Mingaliev, A. K. Erkenov // Astrophysical Bulletin. — 2013. — Vol. 68, no. 4. — P. 403–417. The results of 154 daily observations of 33 sources in the declination interval 70 - 84.5 deg. (J2000), made in 2009, are reported. Four objects are found to exhibit variations with typical time scales ranging from 8 to 30 days and modulation indices 2.1 - 5.6 %. The spectra of the variable components are obtained. The same sources were observed again after six months, in 2010, for a duration of up 55 to days. The 11.1 GHz flux density of one third of a sources varied by more than 10 % between the two data set. [ DOI ]

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