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[1] Vo-paris data centre (vo-pdc) / P. F. Le, J. Aboudarham, W. Thuillot et al. // Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXI. — Vol. 461 of Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series. — 2012. — P. 399. The VO-Paris Data Centre (VO-PDC) is a new data centre that gathers ten laboratories in the Paris area (GEPI, IAP, IMCCE, LATMOS, LERMA, LESIA, LPMAA, LUTH, SYRTE, USN). It is specialized in the development of Virtual Observatory services. The objective of this federation is to build a sustainable infrastructure to offer high quality diffusion services to the community. It gives also the opportunity to promote exchanges and to share expertise on the development of VO services between scientists and computer engineers. VO-PDC is a multidisciplinary data center. Its main axes are atomic and molecular physics, VO-Theory, planetology and solar physics. It also develops several services concerning the diffusion of traditional astronomical data, catalogues, as well as geodesy services.

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