Monolithic Stationary Phases for Fast Ion Chromatographyстатья

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[1] Nesterenko P. N., Haddad P. R. Monolithic stationary phases for fast ion chromatography // Monolithic Silicas in Separation Science: Concepts, Syntheses, Characterization, Modeling and Applications. Concepts, Syntheses, Characterisation, Modeling and Application. — Weinheim, Germany: Weinheim, Germany, 2011. — P. 207–230. In this chapter we will concentrate on those IC methods where the major emphasis is on the speed of the separation, and where that speed is generated through the use of a silica-based monolithic stationary phase. The historical development of fast IC separations will be examined briefly, after which monolithic IC stationary phases will be introduced (especially those in which the ion-exchange functionality is formed by coating the stationary phase with a suitable surfactant). Finally, analytical applications of fast IC will be reviewed. [ DOI ]

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