Adaptive Seismic Technology Provides Better Reservoir Imaging and Allows Discovering New Resources in Large Gas Fieldстатья Электронная публикация

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[1] Adaptive seismic technology provides better reservoir imaging and allows discovering new resources in large gas field / A. Zhukov, I. Korotkov, V. Zhemchugova et al. // 77th EAGE Conference & Exhibition. Madrid. — 2015. — P. 1–5. New high-density 3D seismic survey was shot covering 1000 sq km using adaptive vibroseis technology (AviSeis) after standard 3D seismic over large gas field in Western Siberia. The new survey was carefully pre-planned including the acquisition of a spatially oversampled test survey followed by a decimation experiment during processing and interpretation stages. Resulting high-resolution seismic volumes show dramatic image improvements in the main Cenomanian reservoir and appearances of previously invisible shallow Turonian reservoir reflectors as well as detail tectonics. The new achieved seismic volumes were used in an integrated project which included geological interpretation, petrophysical modelling, simultaneous inversion, reservoir characterization and modelling. Final reservoir models were created on fine stratigraphic grid and served as a basis for further field development program. [ DOI ]

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