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[1] Grb 130427a:: Bta spectroscopic observations on may 10/11 / V. V. Sokolov, A. J. Castro-Tirado, A. S. Moskvitin et al. // The Gamma-Ray Coordinates Network Circular. — 2013. — no. 14669. — P. 1–1. We have obtained 3 epochs of spectroscopy for the GRB 130427A optical afterglow (Maselli et al. GCNC 14448, Elenin et al. GCNC 14450) with the 6-meter BTA equipped with Scorpio. The spectra (with exposure times of 4 x 900 s, 5 x 900 s and 4 x 1200 s) were taken on May 2/3, 5/6 and 10/11 respectively. We used the VPHG 550G grating which covers the 3700-7900 A spectral range and provides a 13 A spectral resolution. Narrow host galaxy lines such as [OII] 3727 A, [OIII] 4959 A, 5007 A and Balmer lines are noticeable in all spectra. The measured redshift is 0.3393, in good agreement with the previously reported values (Levan et al. GCNC 14455; Xu et al. GCNC 14478; Flores et al. GCNC 14491; Garnavich GCNC 14605 and Perley & Tang, GCNC 14615). Particularly, we detect marginal excess emission in the range 6000-7000 A on the later spectrum obtained on May 10/11, which can be interpreted as evidence of the underlying SN (de Ugarte Postigo et al., GCNC 14646), what is also supported by the long-term photometric observations (Trotter et al., GCNC 14662; Watson et al., GCNC 14666). Our preliminary flux-calibrated spectra can be seen at:

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