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[1] Novel room-temperature ferromagnetic semiconductors pb1-x-ycaxcryte / E. P. Skipetrov, E. A. Zvereva, N. A. Pichugin et al. // MRS Symposium Proceedings. — Vol. 1183 of 2009 MRS Spring Meeting. — Materials Research Society, United States, 2009. — P. 51–56. The galvanomagnetic and magnetic properties of novel diluted magnetic semiconductors Pb1-x-yCaxCryTe (x=0.06-0.20, y=0.003-0.045) have been investigated. Temperature dependencies of the resistivity and the Hall coefficient have a metallic character indicating the pinning of Fermi level by the chromium impurity level on the background of the conduction band states. Magnetization curves display a clear hysteresis loop over the whole temperature range investigated. The Curie temperature, determined from the temperature dependencies of magnetization, achieves 345 K. Possible mechanisms of ferromagnetic ordering were discussed. © 2009 Materials Research Society.

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