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[1] Hao Q., Grigorieva I. Y. The strength change of oil contaminated sand// // Global View of Engineering Geology and Environment: Proc. of the Internat. Symp. and 9th Asian Regional Conf. of IAEG. — CRC Press (Taylor&Francis Group) London, 2013. — P. 505–507. At present, accidents happen in the process of exploitation in mines and oil fields, and leakage of oil products in the transportation cause serious contamination on surrounding environment. This is a very serious ecological problem in the world. Therefore, it is very necessary for us to research changes of properties of the soils polluted by oil and oil products. But now the research on the changes of soil contamination is still deficient. V.A.Korolev (2001), I.Yu.Grigoreva (2010), Fu Shi Fa, Lin Song En (1989), V.I.Kachenova,V.V.Seredina,S.V.Karmanova (2011), Mashalah Khamehchiyan (2006), Brakorenko, Emelyanov (2011), Hasan A.Al-Sanad, Walid K.Eid, Nabil F.Ismael (1995)and so on all have researched contamination and changes of soil properties. The conclusion is that soil with saturated oil or oil products, whose internal friction angle is decreased, and soil cohesion is increased. But the magnitude of changes of these parameters depends on the types of oil products and the composition of the soil.

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